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"Thank you so much for your help Demitry. I have been thinking a lot about how the mediation went.  I wish my ex and I had met you earlier.  Thanks to you my ex and I have a Parenting Plan in place.  Meeting you has truly been a blessing.  Please take care.  Best Regards, C.M."

"I recently completed a mediaiton with Demitry Omrin.  My ex and I were on speaking terms with each other but we had disagreement on a few key issues.  I found Demitry's explanations to be very helpful but more importantly, Demitry was extremely patient with how he gradually brought my ex and I together.  I appreciated the fact that Demitry seemed genuinely intent on helping us.  I would highly recommend Demitry's mediation service to anyone going through a divorce situation.  T.K." 

"I was referred to Demitry Omrin to help with a mediation.  My file involved several financial issues that were  of a complex nature.  Most of our issues have now been resolved.  When the issues were more complicated, Demitry broke down the problems into simple explanations, which caused us to realize that we were not as far apart as we had  thought.  I found Demitry to be very professioinal and helpful as our mediator.  J.O."

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