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Our founder Demitry Omrin began Mediation Lounge Ltd. out of his experience as a support person for a family member that went through an acrimonious divorce.  This experience led Demitry seeking to help others avoid the pitfalls of a marriage breakdown.  

Arguably, the most financially consequential consideration of a separation/divorce is the division of assets accumulated during the marriage and the on-going financial support that may be due to a former spouse and the children of the marriage.  Your economic status post divorce will determine many aspects of you and your children's life.  Therefore, it stands to reason that having mediators who are also experts in asset valuation mediate your matter, in the interest of your families financial future.  Whether the matrimonial home, large-scale commercial real estate asset, family business, or pension, we understand value and other financial matters and can sift through the complexities and enable you and your spose to communicate your way towards a resolution.  All  while doing so with the utmost respect and compassion.  We truly believe that we offer the best option for your family towards maintaining financial health post divorce.  

​Let us help you today please give us a call 1-888-862-7772, email us at or book a free 30 minute confidential consultation.



Mediation Style

Demitry's approach to mediation is one that is best described as "engaged".  This manifests into a mediator that applies consistent and persistent effort to settle matters regardless of how divergent the parties may appear to be on the issues.  

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